CMME Trading System Risk Disclosure Statement

China Morocco Commodity Futures Exchange (hereinafter referred to as "CMME") provides customers with a "CMME-MT4" trading system (hereinafter referred to as "MT4") as a leveraged trading platform. Customers should understand and understand that, in addition to reading the risks of electronic transactions disclosed in the Customer Agreement, they should also carefully read the following risk disclosure statements and independently bear the consequences and losses caused by such electronic exchanges.

Systematic Statement

1. MT4 system is a trading platform provided by CMME. If you trade in this electronic trading system, you will probably bear the related risks of the system, including the risk of hardware and software failure. The consequences of any system failure may prevent instructions from being executed or not being executed at all.

2. System Time Display: The time displayed by MT4 system will be displayed in GMT+3 (GMT+2 in winter) in American summer time, which is 5 hours later than the standard time in Hong Kong/Beijing (6 hours in winter time). Customers must fully understand and be familiar with the system's time display before use. CMME will not be liable for any adverse consequences arising from misunderstanding.

3. hanging list type: In MT4 system, customers may see hanging list type such as GTC or GTD. In fact, CMME only supports day order and time-based hanging list valid till Friday (GTF). Customers'bills placed in MT4 system for more than a week are processed as "valid till Friday" (GTF). Regardless of new bills, closing, stop loss and OCO bills, they will be cancelled after the closing of the market on that Friday or on the eve of the U.S. holiday. Customers must be aware of the limitations of the system and bear the possible adverse consequences.

4. When customers use MT4 system to trade, the system will automatically generate a report based on customer account transactions and CMME's adjustment of funds. The report will include customer's transaction records and capital records, and CMME's adjustment records of MT4 funds in order to maintain the consistency of the transaction system's capital records and statements. Customers need to understand that the above account reports generated automatically by MT4 system are only for customers to inquire about transactions, not the official bills provided by CMME for customers. CMME will issue bills to customers on each trading day. Please pay attention to the way of bills collection and inquiry.

5. Unless the customer applies to our company for MT4 lock function, we will not provide MT4 lock function to our customers.

MT4 System Transaction Risk

1. Using MT4 system requires operators to have certain trading experience and foundation, so customers should carefully read the operation instructions of relevant systems (including but not limited to seeking professional guidance) before choosing to use MT4 system, be familiar with the functions and operation methods of the selected trading system, and have the corresponding security and conform to the operation requirements of the system. Required computer equipment and network communication tools.

2. The MT4 system used by customers must be downloaded through CMME official website or CMME designated path. The consequences of using software obtained by other means are borne by customers themselves.

3. Directives issued by customers through the trading system. As long as the user's login name and password are verified by the system, all instructions are regarded as the customer's own instructions. Customers should keep account login name and password properly. If customers are aware of account embezzlement/illegal login and operation, they should inform CMME in time and change account password in time. However, the customer should be aware that CMME is not liable for any loss caused by such illegal login.

4. Directives issued by customers through the trading system shall comply with the relevant requirements of CMME and regulatory authorities, and shall not conduct illegal transactions. The system is only for customers'own use, and can not be used for other purposes besides foreign exchange transactions in this account. It is not allowed to use this trading system to carry out illegal activities and damage the interests of CMME. Otherwise, CMME has the right to shut down the use rights of MT4 system at any time and investigate the relevant responsibilities.

5. CMME reserves the right to temporarily or permanently shut down MT4 system due to system modification, upgrade and adjustment.

6. CMME has the right to shut down or restrict the use rights of MT4 system when customers use MT4 system in the following circumstances:

6.1 Customers dormant in CMME's foreign exchange account, sell or provide false account opening information, etc.

6.2 Suspected illegal or unusual transactions;

6.3CMME considers it necessary to shut down or restrict the permissions of such systems.

7. When MT4 system fails, customers can use 400 telephone Commission and manual telephone Commission as backup emergency trading channels, in which case CMME does not bear the delays and losses. However, the customer should be aware that in the case of system failure, the transaction status of the customer's entrusted order may not be clear, and such entrusted order may still be concluded. In this case, if such order is concluded, the responsibility for the transaction can be assumed.

8. Due to the particularity of MT4 system instructions, the special risks that customers may have in choosing MT4 system include but are not limited to:

8.1MT4 system is a 24-hour connection to the foreign exchange market trading system, customers need to log out of the system in real time after the transaction is completed or when they leave the trading software. Customers should keep the login account and password properly. CMME will not bear any responsibility for the loss caused by the misappropriation of the login system.

8.2MT4 system program can be executed on customers'computers, mobile phones and portable devices. The market interruption and error caused by the failure of these electronic products or the delay of Internet routes may result in the failure of delegation, failure of delegation or wrong order or condition sheet can not be triggered effectively and erroneously.

8.3MT4 system's unique instruction settings, due to the particularity of instructions, or because of misunderstanding, or improper operation, or system reasons, may lead to the failure to execute instructions or achieve the purpose of execution in accordance with the real wishes and plans of customers. Therefore, customers should be cautious in using such instructions, and continue to pay attention to such instructions and check them in time. CMME will not bear any responsibility for the losses caused by such instructions.

8.4 CMME does not assume any responsibility for the invalidation, revocation or other change of the order caused by system failure, busy network, automatic or compulsory logon withdrawal of some MT4 system-specific instructions. CMME recommends that customers use it carefully.

8.5 When the amount of funds shown by MT4 system differs from the amount of funds on the day above the bill, CMME will use the amount of funds on the bill as the standard data.

8.6CMME MT4 system can trade product names which are different from other MT4 systems. Customers need to know the difference and use it carefully.

9. When customers log on to multiple computers, mobile phones, portable devices and trading systems at the same account, the following situations may occur. All losses caused by this may be borne by customers:

9.1 Due to the differences of Internet transmission in different regions, there may be untimely returns on transactions.

9.2 Because of the difference in the storage of computer data, data asynchrony may occur when multiple trading systems are landed at the same time to place orders.

10. The notification and modification methods of the login name and password of MT4 system are implemented according to the agreement of the Customer Agreement on the corresponding terms of the password of online transactions. Customers are aware of the importance of accurately distinguishing the user names and passwords of each system when using MT4 system for transactions, and need to modify the initial passwords of each system immediately after receiving them, and change the passwords from time to time in order to avoid embezzlement. If the password is lost or stolen, CMME shall immediately apply for amendment or closure in a written report, but CMME shall not be liable for the losses arising therefrom.

11. Customers use MT4 system for transaction commission, and the transaction results are based on the settlement bill of the day. Customers need to check and confirm the transaction settlement data of the day in accordance with the way stipulated in the Customer Agreement. If there is any objection to the settlement data, CMME should be consulted in accordance with the time and manner stipulated in the Customer Agreement, otherwise it will be regarded as the confirmation of the transaction results.

Procedural Trading

CMME does not allow customers to buy or sell plug-in programs on MT4 systems. If the customer buys and sells the procedure without knowing it, the customer must bear the consequences and losses that the procedure buys and sells may bring. CMME has the right to pursue relevant liabilities and compensation and to close its MT4 system permission because of the loss of CMME rights and interests caused by procedural trading.

This Risk Disclosure Statement does not fully list the risks of electronic trading through MT4 system. If customers choose and use MT4 system, they must be able to bear the consequences and losses that may arise therefrom and voluntarily bear the corresponding risks.


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