Gold Futuresgamepad

Gold is one of the oldest and well-known products used for investment in the history of human existence. The investments in gold have traditionally been to hedge against inflation. For majority of the diversified investment funds, gold is a must have product in the portfolio. 

CMME Gold futures contract provides the international benchmark pricing Gold contract for investors, speculators, hedgers and arbitragers.

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gamepad Crude Oil Futures

Crude Oil futures is the futures of commodities with forward oil price as the target, and it is a kind of trading in futures trading. 

Standardized contracts with crude oil as the target are formulated by futures exchanges.

The Crude oil futures market has three basic functions: price discovery, risk aversion and speculation satisfaction.

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gamepad Currency Futures

Currency futures trading currencies are mainly U.S. dollar, pound sterling, yen, mark, Swiss franc, French franc, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, Dutch guilder, Mexican peso and European currency. Currency futures trading has become an important part of the international futures market.

Currency futures trading is essentially a margin trading.

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gamepad Seabuckthorn Futures

Hippophae rhamnoides is a plant that has lived on the earth for more than 200 million years; it can survive in the harsh environment of desert and alpine mountain areas; it is recognized as the king of VC in the world plant community; it is called "longevity fruit" by Japan, "second ginseng" by Russia, "life energy" by the United States, Shenguo by India, and China. It is called "Saint Fruit" and "King of Vitamin C".

The basic characteristics of seabuckthorn futures trading: contract standardization. Trading centralization. Two-way trading and hedging mechanism.

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gamepadAfrican Rosewood Futures

African rosewood grows in the tropical rainforests of West and East Africa, and in the tropical regions of Central and West Africa. Its mechanical properties are good, durability is strong, wear resistance is good, advanced joinery, furniture and cabinet ideal materials.

The charm of African rosewood futures market lies mainly in the fact that the whole transaction can be completed with only a small amount of margin.

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gamepad Coffee Futures

Coffee futures is one of the earliest futures listed in the world. Coffee futures originated in the agricultural futures market. In the 120 years after its emergence, coffee futures once became the mainstream of the futures market.

Coffee is a non-alcoholic drink with a long history. The main producing areas are Brazil, Colombia and Africa. Coffee imports are mainly from Europe and the United States, accounting for about 60 percent of the world's coffee imports.

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